10 Great Gifts From DTLA and the Holiday Wishes That Come With Them

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Studio Circa Apparel – The Aftermath of Modern Art

There are T-Shirts and then there are T-Shirts made from Vincent E. Soliz of STUDIO CIRCA APPAREL. 

Known as THE AFTERMATH of MODERN ART these 100% cotton Sportswear, tees, crew neck sweaters, hoodies and crop-top hoodies are designed for dress-up, to wear casually and fit perfectly into the rebellious nature of street fashion.

Studio Circa pieces are highly recognized for their original high-quality multi-color prints based on photography and gorgeous digital graphics. 

STUDIO CIRCA began as a photography/art venue in 2006 that by 2014, had morphed into STUDIO CIRCA APPAREL with just one product, tees.

A nuclear explosion of colorful flowers, the solemn reality of a gas-masked couple surround by an apocalyptic backdrop, the clashing colors bursting behind City Hall to rep Los Angeles are among their best sellers. 

Studio Circa tees are extremely soft, comfortable, versatile, and original. Early 2020 had ferried the brand to the runways of Poland, Switzerland and Germany.

Top Model/Actress/Influencer Karolina Muller has made STUDIO CIRCA APPAREL has been pictured at several high-end events, and the brand was introduced to LAFW through FMC (Fashion Music Conference) out of New York.

In 2020 they expanded their product line to include crew neck sweaters, crop-top hoodies, and hoodies and have plans to expand again in 2021 with headgear, 

and exclusive vintage style jean jackets they plan to showcase at FMC 2021 during LAFW in March.

STUDIO CIRCA Holiday Wish for DTLA: Peace, prosperity, and most of all – LOVE in these precious Holidays of 2020 and beyond!

Order online at studiocirca.com, and follow them on Instagram @studiocirca for pop up locations year-round. 

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