10 Great Gifts From DTLA and the Holiday Wishes That Come With Them

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Brown Bag Books – Keep a Journal!

Personal journals make for wonderful holiday gifts. Just ask Lynn Kopfler of Brown Bag Books. 

BBB are old school booksellers who make rescued books and turning them into journals the focus of their highly curated collection for sale to the public. 

Good old books. BBB creates original, eco-friendly journals in their “Factory” in Running Springs California. The process involves meticulously removing the innards and replacing it with acid free paper, fit each book size. They punch holes using heavy equipment into both the cover and paper and finalize the product by adding the ‘spiral O’ binding that creates the journal.

People are then able to “write their crazy out,” record their lives or just take good notes. 

FOLD Gallery carries above the Last Bookstore, carries the journals and they’ve been found at pop-ups throughout the greater LA area, and Downtown for sure. 

Downtown remembers BBB from Smogasburg. Though not having been to many pop-ups since March, BBB shifted to online sales and adds new journals constantly uploading new selections. 

Customers may also ‘special order’ a journal if someone wants a book they have made into a keepsake or gift. 

How cool is it ‘writing your own book’ that becomes its own archive when you finish it? 

Hundreds of loyal customers agree.

Including writer David Sedaris and Gustavo Arellano of LA Times and his wife Delilah who owns Alta Baja Market in Santa Ana.

Dearly departed Jonathan Gold was a big fan who would visit the book pop-ups often searching for classics and binds of old chef biographies. 

BBB has been featured in Downtown Weekly’s ‘Top 10 DTLA Women-Owned Businesses’ and join the many personal profiles from Voyage LA. 

BBB has been making journals for fifteen years! And have personally sold regular books for at least sixteen years as a ‘mobile’ bookstores. Despite the obstacles people still love books and BBB is here to prove it. 

They also act as consultants and would like to see more designated book spaces in DTLA. They visualize extended pop-ups in spaces just waiting to be filled with books; like an old school library with tables and chairs, and don’t leave out the hammock. 

“A place to study. To read, and to write. A little different than The Last Bookstore, which we LOVE, a bit more ‘English countryside manor meets downtown funk”.

Brown Bag Books Wish For DTLA for DTLA is to remain smart, healthy, and strong during this *memorable* holiday season. It’s been a tough year, but DTLA has shown great resilience in how a major city copes with crisis.  

In an added note: (pun intended) …BBB wants us to know… 

“We appreciate all of our loyal customers who have come out en force to support a small, but seemingly essential business during this crisis. Giving all credit and accolades to our amazing health care workers, but books are food and medicine in a way too, for some people, and writing your story during this time will help future generations understand what to do, or what not to do during any future health crises. Which of course we hope doesn’t happen for a long, long time.”

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