10 Great Gifts From DTLA and the Holiday Wishes That Come With Them

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Calajo Catering – Hollywood Stars

This year instead of the old dry chocolate cookies, DTLA will be leaving the innovative sweet snacks of Calajo Catering for Santa. 

Husband and wife team Carlo and Jennifer Avancena work together mixing and baking their ever-popular Ube Cheesecake Bars, Longanisa Milk Buns, Empanadas, Ube Cakesicles, and Ube Crinkle Cookies.

All Calajo products are made from scratch. Most of their Ube baked goods are made with homemade Ube Halaya, a roasted Ube that is mashed and cooked down with coconut milk, evaporated milk, condensed milk, and brown sugar into something similar to a jam/spread.

This process of mixing, baking and decorating begins on Mondays between catering gigs and pop ups in time for the weekend. 

For those who are reminded of a home on the islands and traditional Filipino/American confections, you can ask PJ Butta from KDAY and The Beat radio stations or check out Los Angeles Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Top 25 entrepreneurs and Top 30 bakers entrepreneurs. 

Other outlets have described the Calajo collection of pies, muffins, cookies, cake cickles, etc., as “too pretty to eat”. 

DTLA however has been more determined than that. 

Online you can order their delights at www.calajola.com or keep up with them on social media @calajocatering for their list of pop-ups which include Sundays at Filled Market (Manila District), 1801 E. 7th Street

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