10 Great Places for TakeOut in Downtown LA – Part 1.

downtown appetite

10. Inko Niko

A pleasurable surprise; being able to enjoy masterful sushi dishes at one of DTLAs most laid back destinations in Arts District. Now with take out and delivery, you can recreate a similar atmosphere at home. You can. All you need is dim lights, a set table, and someone to act like your gracious and attentive server. 

Or you can pretend your driver is your server and offer him a huge tip when they deliver Japanese treasures from the Robata Grill like Hamachi collar with brown butter ponzu and lemon, Salmon Teriyaki with pickle red onion, Sansho salt and lemon or Downtown Weekly upmost favorite… Baby back ribs with spicy glaze, cashew nuts, sansho, cilantro cress & lime. 

Inko Niko flavors are bold enough to survive any journey.  Www.inkonitorestaurant.com

Never fear Downtown LA will still be here when it’s safe to return, but our local restaurants may not be if we don’t do our best to support them. Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting a healthy and diverse downtown Los Angeles.