5 Greatest Health Trends of 2021 and the Healthy Beverages That Go With Them


It’s not a question of if working out is the number one health trending 2021, its a quesiton of online fitness, street training or outdoor gym? 

In 2020, the pandemic prompted fitness-engaged consumers to find new ways to get their fix, and online fitness was it. Data suggests this is no flash in the pan. But, there’s a catch. Online fitness users are also more likely to be gym members. This means that, while online fitness is here to stay, it’s likely to shift toward occasions and activities that are complements to the gym rather than replacements once gyms open again in 2021.

After a vigorous workout, we suggest treating yourself with some bubbly. Maybe not the bubble we would usually suggest, but still a wonderful bubbly in its own rights known to the world as HUBBLE. 

From the moment Dave Burchianti sold his first bottle of Hubble at the Hollywood Farmers Market in 2017, he knew taking vibrant cold-pressed juices and adding carbonation was a healthy fit. 

Hubble (the healthy bubble) is a “breakthrough in bubbles” combining the fresh taste and nutrient power of cold-pressed juice with the refreshing bubbles we crave.

A truly fresh and functional sparkling cold-pressed juice with only 3-4 ingredients, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no concentrates, and NO ADDED SUGAR.

Hubble Comes in Three Sparkling Flavors:

Watermelon with a splash of mint for clean hydration, Ginger Lemon for digestive wellness and Golden Citrus with the immunity boost of orange, lemon and turmeric.

Made with High-Pressure Processing utilized by the leading pressed juice brands to keep them fresh tasting and to maximize vitamins, nutrients and enzymes, Hubble was the first company in the world to apply this process to a carbonated beverage.

Find Hubble at Whole Foods on 8th and Grand. The fresh bubbly taste never before available in a sparkling beverage…as well as the “good for you” nature of the product. 

“I think people are a bit bored of the bland taste of sparkling waters which have no nutritional benefits.”

With new flavors on the way, the amazing cultures and friendly people of Downtown are about to get their first taste of what Hubble has to offer. www.drinkhubble.com