Downtown Appetite: 10 Greatest TakeOut Dishes of 2020

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Manuela – Farm to Home Fine Dining?

If only Manuela hadn’t decided to close in mid-December, Downtown would still be enjoying their delicious farm to table fine dining menu we all come to know and love.

Unfortunately, toggling back and forth between opened and closed wore out the restaurant’s patience leaving us all anxiously awaiting their return. 

A calming force in the Arts District, Manuela is located inside the Courtyard of the historic and newly restored Globe Mills complex at 901 East 3rd Street.

Among their amazing selection of dishes, the 30-day dry-aged Holstein ribeye served with tallow chimichurri easily tops the list. It’s a hardy cut with a pungent aroma that melts in your mouth. 

Seems aged-old steaks are kept at cold temperatures which keep the meats just long enough to produce the strongest flavors. The meat does decompose a bit on the outside, but the chef finds a way to relieve the select cut from the inside. 

Manuela didn’t transition well into TakeOut lifestyle of 2020, but when Manuela reopens in 2021, be sure to dine outside and order enough food to go. The meat is aged 30 days… what’s one more day? Plus, fine dining leftovers always hit the spot.

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