Downtown Appetite: 10 Greatest TakeOut Dishes of 2020

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10E – Ode to Jacques

Located in the Finance Building is 10e once a local favorite serving Armenian and Lebanese cuisine. 

On any given day, one could stop by and be immediately welcomed by an adorable proprietor who went by the name of Jacques. Those who knew Jacques knew that no matter how hectic life was, hospitality was key and just as important as serving a memorable meal was serving a memorable and pleasurable dining experience. 

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In 2020, Jacque relinquished some of his duties at 10e yet managed to visit from time to time, and although Downtown wasn’t able to sit and enjoy his quick wit and heartwarming one-liners, a few staples have remained at 10e.

10e is located at the base of one of Downtown’s most adored Historic buildings, the Fine Arts Building, designed by Albert R. Walker and Percy A. Eisen which first opened in 1926. The outside of the building mirrors the reality of a time when artistry and attention to detail mattered most. Its splendid facade is adorned with a quartet of slightly distorted scholars, carved from terra cotta, aside pillars with what looks like cannabis leaves and other carved patterns known to adorn other building of its time in Spain. Hard to miss high above its mezzanine are two enormous relaxed granite figures who both seem not to care they aren’t wearing any clothes. 

Inside the lobby, famed tile maker of yesteryear, Earnest Batchelder left his mark with one of America’s most ambitious displays of tile mosaics, arches, and interior sculptures of brown, bronze and gold.

Yes, Downtown will miss Jacques, but we still have 10e hummus with chickpea purée, tahini and olive oil Mignon. Hands down the absolute Greatest HUMMUS in existence. 

And, we still get to enjoy one of Downtown’s other great dishes for TakeOut, FRENCHED LAMB RACK ZA’ATAR with roasted pepper and parsley sauce for $28. 


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