Downtown Appetite: 2o2o The Year In Food


March 2020

March in DTLA proves to be all about health and fitness! The chill of winter is subsiding and Robeks DTLA returns to Pico and Grand and with the energy of a thousand carrots, squeezing enough vitamins and minerals for each and every one of us, proving once again that health in the city is an obtainable goal.

Despite the promise of a new year, DTLA finds itself in mourning as dozens of murals honoring Kobe Bryant begin covering the barest walls of the city. The tragic loss of the NBA champ in January followed by a family memorial at Staples Center in February keeps loyal fans at sports bars like Limerick’s Tavern and LA Biergarten in a strange mix of cheer and gloom. Wearing hats, jerseys and even tattoos in honor of Kobe Bryant, they toast to their fallen hero with beer, wine and spirits, over juicy burgers, stacked sandwiches and crispy Buffalo chicken wings.

Shown Here: Petite Peso – Financial District

It’s this time, a tiny Filipino comfort food spot Petite Peso, serving the best crispy chicken, skin-topped chicken sandwich this town had ever known opens on 7th.

At the base of the Stillwell Hotel on Grand, Shirley at Uncle John’s Cafe is serving traditional bowls of Chinese food to her regulars with the warmest of humility and grace. Still, in her twenties, her successful eatery symbolizes a new Spring season for DTLA – fresh, youthful, happy and full of life.

Unfortunately, these would be the last days Downtown would have in 2020 to enjoy culinary experiences as we had before.

On March 13th orders to shut down all inside dining in an effort to stop the spread of a deadly new Corona Virus were put into effect. The sinister virus and the mandates to follow, would push the limits of our community and plunge our community into the unimaginable.

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