Downtown Appetite: 2o2o The Year In Food


April 2020

March Madness has a whole new meaning by the time April rolls around. Basketball and all sports, in general, have been canceled as players continue to test positive for the Corona Virus aka Covid 19.

LA Live with over two dozen eateries, concert stages, and blockbuster movie house shutters as does the LA Convention Center which has been converted into an emergency patient intake facility.

The streets of Downtown are all but empty as if someone had kidnapped our entire population. There are a few joggers, and dog walkers but our beloved heavy traffic and smoggy skies are gone.

As we shelter in place, high-end restaurants with large staffs and even larger kitchens are forced to watch their million-dollar investments slowly wither away while delivery apps take full advantage of TakeOut options, leveraging their services in exchange for heavy commission fees.

Exhausting profits, hopes, and moral, some of Downtown’s most beloved restaurants including Art District’s Bon Temps and Bottega Louie begin to close.

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