Downtown Appetite: 2o2o The Year In Food


June 2020

The four weeks following the televised killing of a black American at the hands of MNPD bring regular peaceful and violent protests.

Protesters block the freeways, march the streets, fight and antagonize the police, and swarm the Civic District of downtown Los Angeles.

Hidden within the protest crowds (like mom did with the mash potatoes) – pea brains that decide to burn, loot and vandalize DTLA for days on end.

Restaurants at ground level take the brut force. Having to add plywood and security guards to their Covid Restaurant Survival kits, the cost of Covid keeps rising with its death toll.

Each day groups of 500 or more emerge from the darkness of the 2nd St. tunnel, marching past the corner of Hill Street Bar + Restaurant on their way to the Hall of Justice.

Shown Here:Hill Street Bar – Courts District

Hill Street Bar, with a new list of to-go cocktails and the City worker’s most honored burger in Downtown, offers water and sweet chocolate chip cookies to protestors and thanks to an open outdoor bar set up, manages to survive, but the list of downtown eateries that fall victim to the times continues to grow.

Instead of seeing thru windows full revealing skilled plates and conversations between bites, Downtown restaurant windows get replaced with anti-police and graffiti-ridden plywood.

As a solution to Downtown being overwhelmed by looters and those refusing to follow a 9 pm curfew, Mayor Garcetti calls in the National Guard.

These are America’s finest weekend warriors. They are attentive, polite, handsome and armed. They stand guard getting to know our community and successfully manage to squash the rebellion, but they don’t eat much.

With mid-June’s announcement that okayed indoor dining, support from neighbors begins to show. However, without the office workers and tourists, restaurant sales plummet and the lifespans of many iconic restaurants, including Chinatown’s 49-year-old Plum Tree Inn, come to an end.

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