Downtown Appetite: 2o2o The Year In Food


July 2020

We’re bending the curve!!! If only we had reason to celebrate.

By July 1st, Downtown is getting good grades when it comes to passing the “safe to eat out” Covid exam.

When life gave us lemons, fed up with the high fees of delivery apps, restaurant owners still grappling to make ends meet, begin asking their patrons to order direct from their websites offering discounts to those who do. Indoor dining has picked up in the warmer months and although we are nowhere near our profit margins from last year, we still managed to make a strong batch of tasty spiked lemonade.

The reason to celebrate:
July 4th is days away when the Governor begins dropping hints Downtown restaurants will have to close indoor dining again.

Fear of Independence Day gatherings and the spread of Covid has been established with a rise in Covid cases and for the first time, Downtown restaurants are forced to accept the possibility that opening and re-closing may become a regular occurrence.

For the rest of July, dining tables set only with bottles of sanitizer would be left of to remind Downtown of the brief stint that was indoor dining, in the summer of 2020.

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