Downtown Appetite: 2o2o The Year In Food


August 2020

Early August sees the return of Black Restaurant Week shinning light on black-owned recipes including Island to Patty Hut, Boketto Cold Brew and Sky’s Gourmet Tacos.

Being in an urban environment as dense as Downtown, people here enjoy a bit of underground defiance. Downtown has a history of hidden speakeasies and after-hour fun. But with Covid, the County wasn’t having it.

In August, restaurants are hit with the LA County Public Health Compliance Plan’s promise to enforce fines up to $500 and 30-day suspensions for restaurants failing to meet their fresh new list of Covid requirements.

Boketto cold brew
Shown Here: Boketto Cold Brew

In the Arts District of Downtown, five-star dining favorites Manuela, Brera Ristorante, and Bestia began arranging their to-go packaging as elegantly as their perfectly prepared bone marrows, whole roasted chickens, wild salmons and rich delicate pastries.

Five-star Bunker Hill restaurants attached to audiences freshly entertained by legendary performances at the Music Center do their best to keep center stage. Theaters remain closed, and as more and more events that used to bring in hungry patrons are now only streaming on the web, Downtown loses its most talented 31-year-old Patina Restaurant in the final act.

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