Downtown Appetite: 2o2o The Year In Food


September 2020

September sees the rise of the cloud kitchens for DTLA. Billed as the wave of the future, these ghost kitchens come fully equip with just enough supplies and staff to produce mass takeout orders.

Drawing small and large restaurant brands closer to the city, Downtown welcomes South Central’s legendary Original Taco Pete, Sushi With Attitude, and Honey Kettle Chicken.

taco Pete
Shown Here: Original Taco Pete

Oh, September

Indoctrinated into the “New World of TakeOut Orders”, overall Covid cases don’t spike in September. A spike, however, would come in the form of some of our most cherished community dining hubs calling permanently turning off their burners.

Closed for what we hoped was only temporary; Hushpuppy Southern hotspot Preux and Proper, the fine art of Mexican Cuisine at Broken Spanish, and Old Town restaurant relay team leader Baco Mercat.

Shown Here: Preux and Proper

It becomes official, after suffering from rumored landlord disputes and crushing vandalism twice in one year, Downtown’s most lavish establishment, paying homage to Italian Cuisine, Terroni on Spring, would not be coming back from Covid 19.

Just a few blocks away in the Fashion District, Amante Restaurant catches a second wind and expands its TakeOut menu to compliment their already highly sought after signature pizzas.

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