Gone for Good – 21 Great Places That Couldn’t Survive COVID 19

13. The Flame is Not Out Yet… Is It?

You know things are bad when Bäco Mercat closes its doors. One of Downtown’s favorite community food and watering holes seemed to never go a day without a customer in all of its 11 years, now gone for good.

Highly publicized Master chef Josef Centeno gave this statement about Bäco Mercat’s origins.

“Bäco, you were born one night out of hunger and a little too much booze and who knew it would spark the light that would guide me through the years ahead.”

And Bäco did just that, acting as the spark that would ignite Downtown’s culinary scene that grew quickly into a raging fire.

Bäco fans should know, all hope is not all lost. Downtown can still enjoy the flavor sensations of Centeno’s remaining kitchens Orso and Winston and Bar AMA and thanks to Josef Centeno’s amazing cookbooks now available on the Bäco Mercat website.