Gone for Good – 21 Great Places That Couldn’t Survive COVID 19

20. A Kayne Moment for Happening in DTLA

“What the hell is happening with Happening in DTLA?”, was the question on their follower’s minds as the highly popular social media platform known for reposting photos and editorials, and promoting local events seemed to fly off the beaten path, switching its posts from DTLA topics to personal political protest and COVID Conspiracy theories, this past August.

Fans and we here at Downtown Weekly sent messages to coax the team into staying focused but in response, in what can only be described as a “Kayne moment”, HIDTLA decided to throw in the towel, step out of the ring and thank everyone in a series of even more erratic farewell posts that have since been taken down off the page.

Then, three weeks later, their social media posts appeared again, this time without the politics and without all of the out-of-town real estate listings they kept posting that also seemed to keep loyal DTLA fans in a tiff.

Well, let’s forget about the past and the drama! If HIDTLA is back to helping the community stay afloat, we are all for it. Welcome back guys.