TACO QUEST 2020: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

3. A Family Affair at Pez Cantina

Led by Husband a wife team Chef Bret Thompson and Lucy Thompson Ramirez, their seafood dominate Mexican-style plates have been welcoming diners to their indoor restaurant with outdoor patio under the stars since 2014. 

Pez Cantina serves their famous Chili Verde Carnitas Tacos, two on a plate, with a side of rice and beans or salad. The juice from the tender shredded pork soaks through the tortilla in no time, but that’s okay. There is no shortage of forks in downtown LA. Pez also serves Beef, chicken and  crispy fish tacos.

Covid closures sparked a new stage for Pez. As the restaurant switched to TakeOut and safe delivery, Chef Bret took to the internet hosting a personality show full of good times, food friends, good causes and good food demonstrations each episode. 

Maybe if we’re lucky he will show us how he prepares his downtown taco favorites.