TACO QUEST 2020: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

6. Saved by an Angel at Downtown Taco

Downtown Taco! Arts District’s Angel City Brewery stayed closed most of the year only to reopen just last month, to close again just last month, due to the second wave of Covid shutdowns. 

Fortunately, for Downtown Taco, the mobile kitchen regular, attached to the side of the Brewery, was able to provide his selection of delicious tacos inspired by the flavors of Oaxaca Mexico on the move. 

For most of the year, we could find the gourmet food truck parked on Hill and 3rd servicing the Department of Water and Power and BOA plaza inhabitants who managed to keep their jobs at the office. 

Downtown Taco sets themselves apart with their freshly hand-pressed, organic tortillas cooked to order over a very hot grill. Inside the tiny space of the mobile kitchen, the Chef keeps his choices of grilled meats and eclectic toppings within arms reach. 

Our favorite??? The Mesquite filled flavor of the Chorizo Taco with spicy Spanish pork sausage and pineapples and a side of vegan cheese roles. Sure, it’s contradicting. But, it’s the balance between good and evil that just does it for us. 

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