TACO QUEST 2020: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

9. Reunited at Bad Son Tacos

Downtown Weekly discovered a hidden gem at Bad Son Tacos located in the Little Tokyo Mall.

Before Covid, Bad Son a kept a steady flow of customers thanks to the flavors of handmade tortillas, salsa and traditional South of the Border favorites like Tinga, Mole and Chapulines (grasshopper) tacos, characters you just couldn’t find anywhere else.

Their recipes were all the fuel they needed to catapult Bad Son Taco into greatness. But the COVID shutdown suddenly left the in-store taco kiosk without foot traffic or dine-in options, leading to the family’s terrible sibling’s announcement in May, that Bad Son Tacos would be closing indefinitely.

But never fear Bad Son Tacos rejoined their father’s restaurant, La Morenita.